I am so lucky to spend my days talking to customers about their gardens.  I never get tired from talking about gardening, thinking about gardening or learning about gardening.

I just sometimes get tired while gardening!


Several years ago, I drove home from the garden center with my car full of plants and bags of soil.  I pulled into my driveway then got out to look around.  In one minute I decided it was all too much!  Too many plants, too many weeds and way too much work!

Alas, my energy for my own garden was not longer boundless.  Exactly what all of you have been telling me regarding your gardens!

My Personal Garden Coaching service is designed to teach you how to create beautiful, EASY CARE GARDENS.  I will meet in your garden, answer your questions, and I will share my 'Easy Care' secrets.

It really is time to get off your dirty hands and knees to 'stop and smell the roses'.  Let me show you how it's done!

- Anita Stevens

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